How It Works: FAQ

How is it done?
It all starts with your desire to create something unique, BIG, and that will amaze your customers, guest or friends. After a joint create session we will have the project direction and be on our way. All we need is the grass canvas to make the idea come to life.
How long does it last?
Our paint is 100% water-based and will last on average from 1 week to 3 weeks depending upon variables, such as rain, sun, and mowing. The paint can be washed with warm water to reduce the duration is desired.
How long does it take to be put together?
Projects take a minimum of 4 hours (2 hours of prep and 2 hours of paint application). Larger projects may take an entire day.
Can it get ruined?
It is difficult to ruin the project/painting. Avoid heavy foot traffic and getting the project wet immediately after application. Project will remain sharp after a light rain or sprinkler as long as given 1 hour to dry. If a long and heavy rain is in the forecast, a tarp should be used to cover for protection.
What does it cost?
Every job is completely different. Depending on scheduling, details, distance, size and complexity of the design, we'll be able to produce a reasonable quote customized to your specific project.
Partial refunds will be issued if the project was unable to be completed due to weather only. Project Application date will be set for 3 days (in most cases) prior to the event but may be rescheduled for the 2nd or 1st day prior to the event (weather pending). Materials are purchased within 12 hours of applications to reduce the chance for unused materials. Material cost for the project is non refundable and any purchased paint will be given to the customer.

Reach out to us to discuss your goals and ideas with our team!